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We are aiming to make OgnCoin the primary private currency over the next six months.




OgnCoins is a digital currency which is bit different currency type from the one that we use. You can pay or send money to anyone, anywhere in the world in the form of this digital currency and that too in almost zero cost. It’s the future of all the monetary transaction which happens in today’s time. And the most important part is that the transaction occurs in friction of a second.

Great thing is that the value of a digital coin is not with similar value with the value of the currencies you opted in. It is like an open account for everyone for only using it for exchange or payment. Moreover, Artex Coins is peer-to-peer digital money, fragmented and assigned as common register for people globally.


Private Instant Verified Transaction, is a privacy focused, decentralized, open source cryptocurrency run by a global community run by creators, innovators, and technology-enthusiasts.

OgnCoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency with a distributed, decentralized public ledger, which unlike those of traditional banks is viewable and easily audited by anyone.

Our Services

Instant Payments

While fast relative to bank transfers, Bitcoin and most other digital currencies take a significant amount of time to confirm transactions on their network.

Extended Privacy

Crypto-currencies use a public ledger where anyone can verify transactions as they happen. The public ledger concept is really important – the confidence, people have in the system

Two-Tier Network

Ogn Coin is the first crypto-currency to introduce the concept of “masternodes.” These are servers connected to the OgnCoin network that are “always on,” secure, and capable of delivering numerous services to the network.

Governance Model

Good governance and management of a crypo-currency project is vital to everyone, even those who are not technically inclined. For example, despite being the most popular and best-funded crypto-currency, Bitcoin is completely dependent on voluntary contributions from private industry and institutions.


Until now, you were totally dependent on banks to transfer your funds. They have the power to block your account, devalue, or even confiscate your money.

Easier International Trade

Digital currencies solve many inefficiencies in the financial system, such as facilitating international money transfers and electronic payments for small amounts (for which credit cards are wire transfers are prohibitively expensive).


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